Friends and Family
Friends and Family
Preserve and share your precious recipes - and now at special Holiday Pricing!!
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We understand how precious your recipes are and how they are often intertwined with your memories of good times and great company. Your home cooked meals with their tastes and smells instantly take you back to events and places, and wonderful memories you have shared together with friends and family.

At theRecipeManager we want to help preserve your recipes with a high quality software, using a blue chip company quality database as a foundation, so you can feel good about the security of storing your recipies electronically.

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We also encourage you to share your recipes with others. Imagine your own personal cookbook of recipes grown with time honored and family tested recipes when you and your friends and family share recipes, or the gratitude of a loved one when you share one of your recipes with them. With our Friends and Family packs you can do just that.

Friends and Family Packs

Our Friends and Family packs offer great value with the 3 user pack available for just $35.00 (saving $25 on three licenses) and the 5 user pack for just $40.00 (saving $40.00 on 5 licenses).

You can purchase the Friends and Family pack through our on-line retailer, Kagi, here /images/TRM/buy_now.png